Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Convert Date to Pretty Time in Grails and Groovy

In this tutorial, we will learn how to convert Java Date to pretty time like moments ago, 1 hour ago, 1 week ago, 1 month ago, 1 year ago, and so on in grails application.

For this, we are using the prettytime plugin in our project.

Load PrettyTime in Grails Gradle project:

Add the following inside dependencies in the build.gradle file.

dependencies {
//other dependencies
compile 'org.grails.plugins:grails-pretty-time:4.0.0'

PrettyTime format Date:

Now let's create a method that formats the Java Date

import org.ocpsoft.prettytime.PrettyTime
import java.util.Date
public static String formatPrettyTime(Date date) {
        PrettyTime p = new PrettyTime()
        return p.format(date).trim()

This will format the given date to a pretty time like moments ago.

Pretty Time Support Locale:

Prettytime support different language, for this use request to get the current locale and format it.

public static String formatPrettyTime(Date date, request) {
        Locale locale = RequestContextUtils.getLocale(request)
        PrettyTime prettyTime = new PrettyTime(locale)
        return prettyTime.format(date).trim()

Here, we are using the locale from the request which gives the session locale for the current user

Current locale in grails application can also be achieved using LocaleContextHolder

import org.springframework.context.i18n.LocaleContextHolder
Locale locale = LocaleContextHolder.getLocale()

For pretty time supported language please follow prettyTime

Use in Gsp page:

If we are using the GSP pages HTML as server-side rendering, then we can use pretty time in GSP pages as below

<prettytime:display date="${someDate}" />