Friday, January 7, 2022

How to enable dark theme in google chrome dev tools

This is a quick tutorial on how to enable dark themes in google chrome dev tools.

1. Set up the dark theme from Settings:

First, inspect element to open the chrome dev tools by Ctrl + Shift + I

Click the Settings gear icon as below.

Go to Preferences  >>  Appearance  >> Theme  >>  select Dark from dropdown

Now, close the setting windows, we can see the Reload DevTools button as below. Click on it to refresh.

We can see the dark theme applied to the dev tools

2. Using Command line:

Navigate to dev tools using inspect element (Ctr + Shift + I)

Type the following command:

Ctr + Shift + P

We can see the popup dialog. Simply type and search dark in the search bar where we can click the option called Appearance Switch to dark theme 

After that, we can see the Reload DevTools button. Click on it to refresh.



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