Friday, January 14, 2022

Change the HTML title tag and favicon icon on newly created VueJs application

This is a quick tutorial on how we can change the HTML document title and favicon in the Vue.js application

If we are creating the VueJs application with Vue CLI then it will automatically import the project name as HTML title and default VueJs favicon icon.

To change this, go to the project directory, we can see the public folder there we can find the index.html file if we open the file we can see the title tag as below:

<title><%= htmlWebpackPlugin.options.title %></title>

Simply remove the dynamically imported content inside the tag and add the desired title to it


Now let's change the default favicon. For this, go to the same public directory where we can see the favicaon.icon.

Simply replace your favicon icon here with the same name or if we want to use it with a different name then change the name inside index.html file

<link rel="icon" href="<%= BASE_URL %>360learntocode.ico">


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